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You requested it and so I made it! 

Warning: Some material here contains jump scares and shocking material. Do not watch if you have severe anxiety and are triggered by such things

  1. BONGCHEON-DONG GHOST: An EXTREMELY creepy korean comic about a women who lost her baby. Yeah, this was the one that gave me a heart attack. (jump scare)
  2. OKSO STATION GHOST: From the same artist who brought you bongcheon-dong ghost (jump scare)
  3. ENIGMA OF AMIGARA FAULT: An internet classic that has definitly creeped a lot of people out. By Junji Ito, a famous horror manga artist.
  4. OTHER JUNJI ITO COMICS: I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about this horror manga artist, so here’s a link to a complete set of his work
  5. HIS FACE ALL RED: A comic about two brothers and the power of jealousy
  6. THE DREADED QUESTION: Dark, beautifully written and drawn with a twist at the end, read the comments for more testimonial

Feel free to add onto this list, I am sure there are those on tumblr who know the comic world way better than me! 


deep-dark-fears is a blog consisting entirely of comics, not all of them ‘horror.’ A lot of it is about the silly little irrational fears we have, unrealistic as they may be I’m sure we’re all aware of how scary they can be.

Fetish is a manga consisting of short stories, very eerie with some blood but nothing excessive. Definitely some triggers to look out for - domestic abuse, incest, pregnancy + childbirth, stalking.

Ghost In Masung Tunnel a manhwa about some freaky paranormal shit going down on what should be a regular train ride. Warnings for gore, body horror, and there is a jump scare / screamer part way through.

Growing Old is a short manga about a rapidly ageing infant. I know, it sounds silly but it’s pretty unnerving. Warning for body horror, but I think that’s about it.

Kijin Gahou is another manga consisting of short stories, this one I definitely wouldn’t suggest for those with a weaker stomach because it’s pretty intense and fucked up. Warnings for pregnancy, abortion, self harm, suicide, bugs, internal parasites, necrophilia, bestiality, general animal cruelty, rape, stalking, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Out with a bang this one is by a tumblr user. Very interesting, warnings for gore, child death, and suicide. 

Shiranui Kitanroku yet another manga consisting of short stories, but these are all connected to each other through the main character. It’s not too serious, I don’t think, but it’s pretty good. A lot of supernatural / paranormal elements.

The Tiger in the Hills an amazing manhwa. Warning for blood and gore, but not much else.

Thanks for making this more awesome! 

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Optimus Prime Ball Point Pen Transformer

Finally the 19 billion year old leader of the Autobots can transform into something useful, something that we can actually use in our day to day lives. When transformed correctly the toy turns into an actual working ball point pen, then when your done work/school transform it back into Optimus Prime to defend the earth from the evil Megatron and his Decepticons.


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The young lord set out to change his fate. But what he did next, only sealed it.

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If you went or know anyone who went to SDCC and saw this cosplayer, the police seriously need your help. _

The cosplayer was found at the side of a road unconscious and bloody without her ID and in her costume. The police are unsure what happened to her. 

If you have ANY information or saw her anywhere, call The San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154.
PLEASE Spread the message.

Personal note: I am not personally involved with the situation, I have not been to that con nor seen the cosplayer only saw the issue being raised on Facebook, so I’m raising more awareness on here. More infomation: x

Reblogging in hopes this case get solved fast!

come on tumblr this needs more notes

THIS IS MY FRIEND MILLY! SHE’S IN THE HOSPITAL IN ICU STILL IN SAN DIEGO WITH SEVERE BRAIN BLEEDING. PLEASE reblog this and let the police know if you have any information! 

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Watching the latest season of Hetalia and it ends with the Axis Powers in a hot spring. I approve of naked Germany.

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…and lagoona blue for $10 ^u^ #monsterhigh #dolls #lagoona #lagoonablue #target

I need to go check my Target for her!

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Guys I will be at AX this year, once again tabling with perfect Leslie ((milkmanner))! We’ll be seated at table C51, please come and say hi. I’ll be selling an original art zine as well as the usual prints/commissions/etc. 

See you all there!!! 

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