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I asked my roommate what she would wish for if she were a magical girl in Madoka, and then this wonderful mess poured out of her mouth.

I remember 2010 too 

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Pokemon around the world.

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the greatest plan in history

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"My parents will freak, the NSA will wiretap our mosque or something, and then they’ll sell me to science.”

This might have seemed like a silly moment of Kamala freaking out about others finding out her secret identity, but I think there was more underlying the dialogue in this panel.

For many Muslims, dealing with profiling in one form or another has placed a significant strain on their lives, be it at the airport or in a mosque or really anywhere else. Having to be conscientious of wording, body language, and facial expressions while in any public space is a constant in the lives of many, living in fear of dealing with unintended consequences. Meanwhile, many others are able to live comfortably and ignorant of these fears and consequences, never having to really experience them.

When Bruno tries to call the police after Kamala (in the form of Carol Danvers) gets shot, Kamala urges him not to, expressing her concern of the consequences that it might have, particularly one involving the Muslim community.

What this suggests is that there are consequences for people with powers, and then there are consequences for people with powers who are Muslim. As we’ve seen, these fears aren’t unfounded. 

This panel stood out to me, maybe more than intended, only because friends and family have dealt with this sort of thing. It’s really more than just an off-handed comment. On a positive note, I am happy to report that the “being sold to science” bit is less of a concern.

At least, I hope.

From Ms. Marvel #4, by G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona

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together at last

excuse me i have something important 2 add



hes here

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Ryan Murphy: Yes Evan Peters and Emma Roberts will have a relationship during Freak Show.

AHS Fandom:


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